The 10 Best Underwear Brands, and Exactly What They're Good For

Maybe you didn't know about all of the underwear brands that could replace your Fruit of the Loom bikini briefs, and hey, that's OK. But the fact is there are plenty of labels that will help you achieve maximum style and comfort all at once. A lot of them you might be familiar with (Victoria's Secret, Hanky Panky, and the like), but some of these lingerie lines will be brand new to you.

For that reason, we broke down the basics and matched a particular underwear brand to every type of style. You'll also find information about the variety of panties these companies offer so you can decide what will best fit your personal shape and size. Read on for the handy guide, or jump ahead to the taste level that best describes you.

  • If You're Sporty
  • If You're Feminine
  • If You're Sophisticated and Classic
  • If You're Bohemian
  • If You're Romantic
  • If You're Flirty
  • If You're Sultry and Sexy
  • If You're Minimal and Understated
  • If You're Statement-Making
  • If You're Daring and Flashy
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