You can now design & personalise your own Johnnie Walker whisky, bottle & pack

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What if you could create your own edition of Johnnie Walker, with a whisky tailored to match your taste profile and delivered in a personalised bottle and pack? This is exactly what Johnnie Walker’s My Edition promises. The Indiegogo project brings together the expertise of Johnnie Walker’s master blenders, digital designers and technology experts to cater to your own unique tastes and preferences to produce the perfect whisky for you.

Johnnie Walker has access to some of the best whiskies across Scotland that allows it to craft the perfect whisky to suit your flavour profile – from the shores of Islay where distilleries such as Caol Ila and Lagavulin produce smoky, peaty flavours to the rolling hills of Speyside and the Cardhu distillery that gives its rich, fruity notes. All these whiskies are matured in oak casks before being crafted by expert blenders to suit your tastes.

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Your own My Edition will be crafted by carefully combining these different whiskies to produce a blend that is perfectly matched to your unique taste. Once you’ve crafted your personal whisky, you’ll be able to customise the packaging it comes in, with a range of bespoke design options to craft a bottle that reflects your unique style using the latest technology.


How it works

Bespoke Blend Tool

A unique experience online that will not only help you discover more about your personal whisky preferences, but can also help you craft your personal whisky by flavour. Once My Edition launches, you will receive a unique link to access the platform, including the Bespoke Blend Tool and a suite of services to craft every detail of your My Edition.

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Customised Labelling

A personal whisky needs a personal label, so the team at Johnnie Walker is creating a beautiful label design for you to add a name, a dedication, a story, or any other personal message to make your whisky truly special.

Cutting Edge Engraving

Cutting-edge bottle engraving technology enables you to leave a lasting mark on the iconic bottle by adding a unique message or image.

Limited Edition Presentation Box

With a bespoke blend, your own version of My Edition needs to stand out on the shelf at home. So Johnnie Walker is working with a series of world class artists and designers to create a range of limited edition presentation boxes that will make your My Edition a work of art.

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