11 Fancy Mooncake Boxes from Singapore that will make great Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

This has to be something of a watershed year for the mooncake scene. The average buyer is going to be spoilt for choice considering the unprecedented gamut of flavours (root beer and ondeh-ondeh snowskins can only coexist in Singapore), coupled with a staggering variety of box designs.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel


Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel's premium two-tier gold satin box is stocked with four gold-dusted single-yolk baked mooncakes filled with salted lotus seed paste with parma ham, accompanied with a bottle of Perrier Jouët Champagne. Moreover, the top of the chest doubles up as a photo frame. There are only 200 of these limited edition boxes.

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Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel


Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s standard boxes are elegant pieces too. The ruby red tower resembles a Chinese lantern, laced with gold flowers and oriental trellis. The chest opens up to reveal four gold tiers for baked or snow-skin mooncakes.

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Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Sure to win over that friend that adores vintage items, Crowne Plaza Hotel's baked mooncakes come in an orange suitcase complete with brown trimming, working clasps, and a hinged handle that comes with a luggage tag. The compartmentalised inserts can be removed, leaving a hardy case that looks comfortable to hand-carry. The premium set is slightly elongated, as it comes with room for a bottle of Bottega Gold prosecco, so you can ba jiu wen qing tian (question the sky with liquor in hand).

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Crystal Jade


This is one for Disney fans. Crystal Jade’s Mickey and Minnie snow-skin mooncake collection comes in a black and red lacquer box, inspired by the characters’ iconic outfits. When opened, the box unveils intricate laser-cut backdrops of the couple against a full moon. Another thing we like about this sturdy piece are the drawer handles, taken from the signature white buttons on Mickey’s shorts.

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Resembling oriental jewellery boxes, Shangri-la’s mooncake boxes are elegant, tasteful touches for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Each of the four-tiered mooncake boxes are adorned faux pearl button handles and flanked by chinoiserie of birds, willows and cherry blossoms. The boxes come in three colours: soft pink for snow-skin, crimson for baked mooncakes and celadon for smaller baked versions.

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Fairmont Singapore


For those who favour a more durable leather case, Fairmont's jewellery box design sports a tray with a lift-to-open lid and two drawers. The latter contain mooncakes boxed individually in bamboo, and surrounded by a fragrant smattering of tea leaves.

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Mandarin Oriental


These dainty mooncake boxes from Mandarin Oriental take on traditional Chinese aesthetics in a sophisticated way. The mint-blue chest, covered with textured cloth prints (resembling oil paintings) of cherry blossoms and butterflies, holds either two or three drawers with oriental gold handles. This elegant piece would feel right at home on the dressing table for keeping trinkets - keep it well!

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Pan Pacific Hotel


Pan Pacific Hotel offers a contemporary take on the mooncake box with bright red and turquoise. The red flap is adorned with a velvet floral brocade and a Chinese love knot. There’s also a ‘secret’ pull-out compartment under the first box for two more mooncakes - a welcome surprise for mooncake-lovers.

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JW Marriott


If you're not into loud designs, this cerulean satin-clad box top with an inset brushed metal badge will hit the mark. Take our advice and grab the snowskin box - the JW Marriott rendition of local favourite ondeh-ondeh floored even the sceptics in our office with its well-balanced textures and masterful contrast of light and heavy flavours.

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St. Regis


Yan Ting's premium boxes are aptly named "lavish". A variegated cyan box with a heavy-duty gold clasp (which can be padlocked) holds up to eight mooncakes in two drawers. The gift set includes a teapot set with premium Pu Erh tea, or you could opt for a 375ml bottle of Perrier- Jouët Grand Brut and two flutes for small premium.

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Goodwood Park


For the more conventional gifters looking for a simple gift case, Goodwood Park offers understated elegance with a frills-free flip-up box, adorned with a simple watercolour painting depicting peonies and palatial structures.

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