Destiny 2 Review in Progress - Updated and Scored

After a solid day and a half of Destiny 2 and streaming an unhealthy amount, I’ve now beaten the campaign and dipped a toe into the endgame content. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Thankfully, I think we can put the story memes to rest. In Destiny 2, this series finally has a campaign worth celebrating. Even though it stumbles with an abruptly ended character arc, it still hits all the high notes it needs to and left me feeling satisfied. Artistically, there are moments that stopped me dead in my tracks. Not since Mass Effect 2’s Shadow Broker DLC have I stopped in the middle of a fire fight to admire the world I had been placed in. Sitting next to the sun while fighting a drill the size of a skyscraper makes it feel like the task at hand is larger than life by flooding the screen with color and spectacle.

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