Air France may soon offer Virtual Reality glasses as inflight entertainment


Since August 1, 2017, Air France has been testing an immersive entertainment system with virtual reality (VR) headsets allowing customers to enjoy 3D and 2D films or series in their own “private movie theatre” in isolation from the rest of the cabin. In an aim to surprise its customers and offer them a new form of entertainment, the system has been tested on board Paris-Charles de Gaulle – St. Martin and St. Martin – Paris-Charles de Gaulle flights.

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Before you get too excited and start booking Air France flight tickets for that route, do note that only customers travelling in Business class on board the A340 operating this route can try this new form of in-flight entertainment for themselves. Moreover, only four headsets are offered on board with a selection of some forty films and series.

Hopefully the trial run will be successful and we’ll soon be able to look forward to a brand new immersive entertainment system while flying, instead of the usual flat screen and headphones. Air France has stated that “at the end of this test period, this new system could be rolled out on other flights in the months ahead”. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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To make these VR headsets a possibility for the future of its inflight entertainment, Air France is partnering with the startup, SkyLights.


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