Infinite Warfare Next DLC PS4 Release Date Announced

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's fourth DLC pack, Retribution, is coming to the PlayStation 4 first on September 12, Activision announced today.

The content adds the last chapter in the five-part zombie experience, "The Beast From Beyond." The new adventure is set in desolate military station on an ice planet and features Pee-wee Herman star Paul Reubens as movie director villain Willard Wyler once again.

The crazed director has trapped the four protagonists inside an all-new horror film, and players must battle the undead to escape Willard Wyler once and for all. Players will be able to try out new traps and weapons during the adventure.

Retribution's four new multiplayer maps, meanwhile, are Heartland, a simulation of small town America akin to the Call of Duty: Ghosts map Warhawk; Carnage, a post-apocalyptic race track along the California coast; Depot 22, a watering hole at the end of civilization with a moving train; and Altitude, a sky-high shopping mall located on the edges of the universe.

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