Destiny 2 Review in Progress

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re going to lose everything. Your vault? Gone. The tower? Left in ruin. Guardians? Executed. The opening of Destiny 2 is about taking it all away, kicking you and your favorite Destiny characters into the mud, and forcing you to scrape yourself off the pavement to face an unrelenting foe.

The situation we’re placed in during the opening mission not only motivated me from a story perspective, but it also gives both returning and new players a sensible reason to climb up the light level ranks, whether it’s for the first time or all over again. To challenge us on the way back to the top, Bungie’s developed a plethora of avenues in the early game that includes Public Events, Heroic Public Events, roaming world bosses, treasure chests, Lost Sectors, Adventure side-quests, patrols, planet specific challenges, Flashpoints, Vanguard missions, and of course, the campaign. Adding to that, there are also items scattered on each destination offering snippets of lore about the location, and gear sets you can acquire by turning in tokens earned from the above activities in exchange for reputation at that destination’s vendor.

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