IGN's Destiny 2 Review Plan

If you haven’t heard, Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Wednesday, September 6 (or, on the West Coast, 9PM on Tuesday, September 5). That’s soon!

Naturally, we’ll be working hard on our review and will have it finalized as soon as we feel we responsibly can. Our appropriately named Destiny/Destiny 2 expert, Destin Legarie, was pretty much born for this review and is raring to go. Follow him on Twitter at @DestinLegarie.

So far, we’ve been able to play a chunk of Destiny 2 at Bungie and, of course, in the betas. You can bookmark this page and set your watch for 7AM Pacific time on Tuesday, September 5 to come back see what Destin thinks so far, based on those experiences. But of course, that’s just scratching the surface of a huge game like Destiny 2, so we’ll be running a review in progress until we’ve had a chance to play at least a few dozen hours of the final launched game and – hopefully, depending on when it ends up making its debut – complete the upcoming raid.

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