Check Out These Fashion-Forward Muslim Fashion Designers For Hari Raya Haji


Fiziwoo's bridal collection 2017

There are many notions surrounding the reputation of modest dressing. That they are mostly religious garbs to downplay one’s figure, is one. And even then, you’d be hard pressed to find a celebrity attending a glamorous gala in nothing more than a sheer gown or a body-con outfit. Less is more, so the saying goes – and we don’t mean being a minimalist.

Of course, common notions are fading, and the fashion industry is catching up with the oft-neglected market for modest clothing. Three years on, after many fashion houses reached an epiphany to tap on the largely unexplored Arabian market – with DKNY releasing its debut ‘Ramadan’ collection in 2004 – long-anticipated collections of conservative garb with a stunning, modernist twist have arrived. We’ll say it – covering up never looked so sexy. The best part? Now, you’re spoilt for choice. As Hari Raya Haji draws nearer, here are some stunning, contemporary Muslim fashion designers to check out:

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Jakarta-born Anniesa Hasibuan is one designer who has received international acclaim for her couture collection, shown recently at the New York Fashion Week. Her pieces are stunning, to say the least, as glamour takes the form of sequins, pearls and exotic feathers, with Swarovski-embellishments and a futuristic metallic palette. Aside from her stunning couture, Anniesa Hasibuan’s eponymous brand also offers gorgeous ready-to-wear collections that are available online.



Fashion duo Mohd Hafizi Radzi Woo and Izree Kai Haffiz first entered the scene back in 2009, with a brand adorning timeless creations with contemporary elegance. Their architectural background can be evident from the dextrous way “less is more” is incorporated on proportion and texture, with stunning silhouettes in the brand’s collection of couture, modest ready-to-wear and even bridal pieces.

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When wife and husband duo Hj. Hernani and Ir. Djamaloedin established Dian Pelangi in Indonesia, it was for a love of the Indonesian culture and its traditional fabrics. Now, the brand is on to their 26th anniversary with 14 boutiques across Indonesian cities and Malaysia. The brand is famous for using traditional woven fabrics, batik and tie dye fabrics. Dian Pelangi burst into the scene in 2009 at the Melbourne Fashion Week, catching attention with its stunning haute couture and ready-to-wear line.



Australia-based designer Diana Kotb worked in the fashion industry for a cool decade, where she worked with some of the top fashion designers in Australia. You could say Kotb lived and dreamed fashion from a very young age, donning customized outfits made by her mother. However, Kotb always felt that she struggled, as a muslim woman who wears the hijab, to find virtually any designer modest wear. It wasn’t long after when Kotb’s eponymous label was born, bringing luxury and sophistication in a seamless meeting with modest wear. Who ever claimed minimalism was boring never saw a design by Diana Kotb.

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