World of Tanks Rolls Out Console-Exclusive Solo Campaigns

Back in the winter of 2014, Word of Tanks rolled onto the Xbox 360, inviting console gamers to partake in the series' previously PC-exclusive brand of massively multiplayer competitive armored warfare. The jump to Microsoft's platform proved so popular, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the free-to-play tank battler soon followed.

Still, despite many a tank commander being made from behind a gamepad, console fans—accustomed to having a side of solo play with their PvP—wanted more than World of Tanks' competitive skirmishes could offer.

According to Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore's Creative Director and Executive Producer TJ Wagner, his team began noticing this craving when console players were spending tons of time in the sparse PvE bot-based missions the studio had introduced a year ago. “We saw that people really had an appetite for single-player or co-op content...they were playing through them an insane number of times.”

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