Eco-friendly BMW i technology is now being used to power boats

BMW i continues to drive sustainable innovation with its future-proof technology and integrated approach. And now the high-voltage battery developed for the i3 is not only powering emissions-free mobility on the road, but on the water, too. The BMW Group is supplying lithium-ion batteries from its Dingolfing plant to German company Torqeedo. The marine drive system manufacturer is using them for energy storage in its high-performance Deep Blue electric drive systems.

Torqeedo was founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany and is a leading global provider of electric and hybrid propulsion systems for motorboats from 1bhp to 160bhp for sailing yachts and commercial marine applications, such as ferries and water taxis. High-voltage batteries from BMW i will form an integral part of an environment-friendly, cost-effective, silent alternative to conventional boat propulsion systems.

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The BMW Group develops and assembles high-voltage batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in-house. The lithium-ion battery created for the i3 comprises eight modules, each containing 12 cells. The connectors, cables, monitoring sensors and heating and cooling system have also been developed specifically for BMW i.

The BMW Group’s development and manufacturing expertise provides the basis for its continuous advancements in the field of battery technology. The latest example of this is the high-voltage battery in the current BMW i3. Although its size and weight remained unchanged from the earlier version, its capacity was increased by over 50% to 94Ah/33 kWh.

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Thanks to the plug-and-play capability that the engineers have built into BMW i3 batteries from the outset, the technology offers broad scope for applications beyond the automotive sector. Marine propulsion system manufacturer Torqeedo combines lithium-ion batteries from BMW i with its most powerful range of motors for inboard and outboard units and hybrid systems with up to 160bhp.

This innovative use of BMW i high-voltage batteries to provide electric propulsion on the water is just one example of the wide variety of applications that can be served by this integrated sustainability concept. Another area is stationary energy storage, where the batteries are also used to increase the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings by providing intermediate storage for renewable energy generated by solar and wind installations.

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